Any damages to the windscreen are unpleasant to the eye and create danger for driving – how to fix it?The good news is that if you have a scratch or flick that is 6 inches or smaller, a quick repair of the windshield can be all you need.

There are a few good reasons to stop procrastinating the repair of the windscreen you need:- Repair of cracks on the windshield are at affordable prices.

– Depending on your insurance coverage, the repair of the windscreen of a car can be at no cost to you.

– Small front strokes can turn into large cracks – requiring full replacement of the windscreen.

– Repairing the windshield is fast.

– In most cases, the repair can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

The prices represent the Bulgarian currency – Lev .

PricesPrices Car Legened


Types of elements to repair

Horizontal unmountable
Horizontal removable 

The price of the installation and dismantling is included in full


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